Scott Morrison on Malaysia

Scott Morrison on Malaysia, 6 February 2014:

“The response from Malaysia in combating people smuggling has been outstanding and the Australian government appreciates their strong co-operation,” he said.

“Australia and Malaysia have co-operated closely to combat people smuggling. Providing two Bay-class vessels to our valued partners is a practical operational strategy to stem this criminal trade.

“Malaysia is a key partner in regional and bilateral efforts against people smuggling, (and it is) particularly important due to its ongoing use as a transit country for people seeking to reach Australia by boat.”

Scott Morrison on Malaysia, 27 June 2012:

I ask them to examine their consciences tonight because this side of the House is going to stand against the Malaysian people swap.

I will tell you why: unlike most on that side of the House I have been to Nauru and Malaysia and seen where people will be. I have seen the schools they would attend—and the schools they will not attend in Malaysia. I have seen the clinics they will not be able to go to in Malaysia. I have seen the conditions that they are going to live in.

I have seen the abuse that they are going to be exposed to. I have seen it and I will not let it happen in this place.

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